Craig Kennedy asked me if I would like to inflate the NEW Intel balloon on September 24th for the Anderson - Abruzzo International Balloon Museum opening Gala. Who am I to say not to such a thing. The weather was a touch on the windy side for my taste but I fugured i would give it a go and it turned out great. We did a static display/balloon glow for the crown for 2 hours and 25 minutes. It was great fun and I can proudly say I am the first person other than the test inflation done at Lindstrand to get this beautiful balloon out of the bag. Thanks Craig and Jane for the opportunity and bigtime thanks to Ron and Becky Brandt for the great pictures and GREAT crew!! We had two great crews actually. Mine and Craig's. The last two pictures at the bottom were taken by Steve Loeffler. Now the world can know that in fact Craig Kennedy DID wear a tuxedo at least once in his life!