Updated January 8, 2007

1997 Cameron N-133 with Aristocrat Gondola.

Two Stainless Steel 15' gallon Tanks. Double Burner system. Envelope is Hyperlast to the Equator and the scoop and throat is Nomex. The entire system has been extremely well taken care of. Hardly ever flown above 170 degrees. 275 hours TT but shows characteristics of a balloon with half the time. This system also features a convertible banner system (the only one I know of in existance) that allows you to advertise different messages on the side of the envelope (profitable feature). System flies pilot + 5 to 6 passengers. We are only selling this system because we would like to downsize to a smaller balloon. This really is an absolutely great system, extremely well taken care of, and will be sold with a fresh annual.

Priced for quick sale at $19,500

Now $18,500 with annual

$17,000 without annual

Jared Coblentz

Email: littlecobe@hotmail.com