Updated February 3, 2007

1993 Aerostar S-57A with 115 hours TT on envelope.

Beautiful Spiral pattern with Lt. Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple and White. Almost Zero Porosity. Has "McDonalds" logo on 2 sides. Spring Top, Steel Cables, 4 point A Block. Red Kynol lined dipper.

 Basket is a Classic Limited with 315 hours Total Time. Dual Hp2 burners. 2 Laydown 20 gallon fuel tanks. All 4 fuel lines replaced 4/2003. Aluminum Uprights. Suede on the basket was replaced about 15 hours ago. Analog Altimeter & variometer, API Pyrometer. Also included, a 12' long open trailer & a 5hp 3 blade Briggs fan. The balloon will be sold with a freash annual inspection paid for by the seller. 


Was $8,000 NOW $ 7,000 with the McDonalds logos intact

WAS $10,000 NOW $ 9,000 with the logos removed and repalced with Aerostar fabric color of your choice. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Michael ScottFlying High Balloon Services, LLC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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