Balloon Fiesta in 2004 was a challenge. We had good weather and usual.  There were several little mishaps including the Smokey Bear Radio Tower accident. All in all though it went pretty well. Anything that went wrong ended up on a positive note. Keith was able to fly in his first Fiesta in Zephyrus' Kiss. It was a memorable year!!
Kiss-A-Hoy taking off!! Awesome Shape! Little Bees Buzzing all around us They are busy and little Tag you're it!
Three Amigos Traffic Jam Hardly enough room for the sky!
Channel Champ. Pure History! I'll call when I find work! Mass Confusion waiting for take off!! Eric, Rustyn (left), and Ron (middle) THE KIDS!!
Sunny Boy Me, Mom and Jeff!! Hogging all the piloting time! Becky and Rustyn I need help figuring out how it goes together! I inflated the balloon in such a way that it would fit into this picture just perfectly. Flat Stanley took a ride with us.  This guy does everything!
Long lost brothers Cheese! Can you just feel the love in the room! Rustyn on his birthday flight.