In 2002 Carol Weiner asked me if i wanted to fly her balloon "Seasons Change" during Fiesta. This was a great opportunity and she really helped me out since we could not afford to get our balloons annualed and in Fiesta in time. We had just had our son Zachary the year before and there are some things a little more imoprtant than annuals and things like that. Carol is a true friend and I will never forget what she did for us. She also included one of her Chase Commander. It was a cool year. Another really great thing that happened is My Brother and Sister in law Donna and Ralph were able to come out and visit from New Hampshire!
Beautiful People! Donna & Brenda Karla The kid already wants to fly!
Ralph & Donna ready to go! Carol harrassing my kid! NICK! The most intelligent conversation all Fiesta! No I did not hit her! A face for radio.
Who does this English guy think he is anyway....The most incredible balloon artist ever or something? Mary Your forgot to give me my bottle of Champagne again before you took off!! Like Mother like Son. Smile!
Ahoy there matey! Believe it or not she got into a ferocious fight with a pumpkin.
Nothing better than holding a baby.
Not just your average Joe!
Mary and Erika Fiesta takes al your energy! Hannah BARELA'S UNITE!!
This woman drove from MEXICO through the night just to hopefully get a ride during the Fiesta.  It was her lucky day.
Not just your average Joe and Holly. Rory and Keith Bob and Inga Taking the equipment back to Ohio.  :(