The absolute BEST balloon artistrator in the entire world!!! This is an incredibe History page about the beginnings of modern hot air ballooning. Dave is VERY passionate about this site.  Very well done. The ballooning link to end all ballooning links. If you can't find it here then you don't need to find it!
Here are a few links that will get from here to there. If you didn't want to go there then I guess don't click the links. They are good links to visit however so I do hope you check them out. Just pass the mouse arrow over the image of each link and it will tell you where you will be going. CLICK AWAY!!
Looking for a used balloon?  This is the place! And no sleazy salespeople to deal with! Fantasy Balloons!  Balloonings Best Kept Secret!
For anyone who connects their envelope to the basket with carabiners you should check these out. They are awesome!

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Tons and Tons of information pertaining to balloons.