This was Keith Takach's first try at the New Mexico State Championships. He did an AWESOME job!! 5th Place over all and 4th Place in the NABA Southwest Regional Championship and 3rd overall in the New Mexico State Championships. He is now qualified for the 2006 Nationals!! Awesome weekend! These pictures were taken by Eric Hodges and Pat Chando. Sorry I do not have pictures for day 2.
The Lovely observer...INGA! Getting Ready What is this and what do i do with it after you tell me what it is! Tactical Meeting! A nice pair!
Sophisticated High Tech Wind Indicator
Thank God it's over.....for today!
This hat looks better on me Keith!! Shawn in action!!
This was SOOOO cool.  Reflections of a perfect flight. Even Better!!! How many clones of Keith and Alan do we really need? Nick Donner winds up! The throw! The taget contemplation afterward! Mark Sullivan Dropping in on the target!
I don't feel so good... I swear I took this picture straight! Check out this new Lindstrand "X" racing vent! Keith wanted to try out a little distortion for himself. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle....Just Kidding!