Photos from Friends

This is a place for pictures that friends have taken that are not just any balloon picture but THE balloon picture. The first one is a perfect example of what I am talking about. It is the kind of picture that makes you say WOW! Enjoy. If you have a picture or a few that you would like posted here please feel free to email it to me along with credit of the photographer.

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Click on each thumbnail photo to see a larger version of the photo. It will open up a new window so when you are finished lookign at the picture you can just close the window and keep on browsing the Internet's most wildly popular hot air ballooning website!

This first photo was submitted by Greg Winker from Issaquah, Washington. The photo was taken by Dawne Smith. Yes, that's Mt. Rainier and yes, he was bragging when he sent it in.  Thanks Greg and Dawne! Spectacular!

This photo was submitted by Jack Castellion. It is from a flight in Winter Park, Colorado. The photo was taken by Russ Burden. Absolutely gorgeous!

Here we have a great shot entiteld "Good morning on the Farm" by C. Avon.  The photo was taken on 11/25/06.  The balloon is called "Happy Hour" and was taken in Washington County, New York.

Here are some great pictures of a balloon flight that took place in the Meteor Crator in Arizona in the 80's.They were submitted by Scott Seely and posted with his permission. These pictures were taken by Deb Seely from her position in the second balloon, to enter the crater. This balloon was named Xanablu and was flown by Roland Cleveland, while the first balloon, Xanadu, was flown by Jim Peek.
Picture #1 is of two of the five balloons standing prior to launch. These two balloons are Pride of the Desert, flown by Tom Ogden and Flyin Hawaiian, flown by Tim Hunsaker. The vehicles pretty well date these pictures. Picture #2 is of the final three balloons to launch with Pride of the Desert just having taken off. The other two balloons are Crystal Cathedral and Yakima Kanutt. Picture #3 is of the crater shortly after they passed over the rim and finally picture #4 is of the final three balloons descending into the crater, note that Pride of the Desert is basically on the crater wall. The sheer was pretty strong at the rim.