January 26, 2007
I am looking for a used Aerostar - 20 Gallon Laydown Padded Tank Cover. Also, if you have heat cables that go along with the cover I would be glad to purchase them as well.

Please contact me at bernyj24@yahoo.com

January 26, 2007
I'm looking for a used Balloon Works basket in good condition. Prefferably a 3.9 but open to other small sizes.

Drew Egerton guitardrew@hotmail.com

December 29, 2006
Looking for Aerostar Burner / Envelope PINS.
Would like to get 6 of them.

Please contact
Tom at tbf921@aol.com

December 2, 2006
Looking for a Cameron or TC or ? single T bottom end (complete). Basket to be 48x72 or a bit larger to go under my TBW 120. Also looking for a Cameron,TC or ? 140 complete system with a single T or partitioned basket if I cannot find the basket only.

Jim Ramsey adventuresaloft@msn.com

November 19, 2006
Wanted:  Temp wire for Thunder & Colt  69A

Please contact Mark Gillim  (270) 783-8833

November 12, 2006

I am looking for a T&C bottom end complete.

Please email with photos, description & price.


or call Mark @ 270-783-8833 (7pm-10pm Central Time)

November 12, 2006
Looking for single "T" complete bottom end (T/C,Cameron,Lindstrom) 48"x72" or 60"x72"
in good condition. Recent annual.

Contact: Jim @ adventuresaloft@msn.com

November 5, 2006
WANTED:  I'm looking for a dead 140 envelope. (not TBW). Prefer T/C or maybe Cameron, also consider Aerostar.

WANTED: I'm also looking for an Aerostar classic limited strech basket..wicker only.

Derald Young
Damn Yankee Balloons
241 Weld St.
Dixfield (the only one), Maine 04224 USA
e-mail-- joyderaldyoung@msn.com

November 3, 2006
200 to 500 gal propane tank and LP pump for refueling my 10 gal tanks(together or separately)

Contact Vince at 484 744 3161 or vince_galet@merck.com


November 3, 2006
Looking for Aerostar Aurora burner.  Also looking for Aerostar Aurora or Aurora Stretch basket in any condition.

Contact:Paul Stumpf Stumpf Balloons
2926 Andover-Weston Rd.
Andover, VT 05143
(802) 875-1600 psstumpf@aol.com

October 28, 2006
Hot air balloon items (baskets, envelopes, burners) for set pieces at our 2007 Vacation Bible School. Damaged, overused items would be perfect.  All donations are tax deductible. Also looking for team to donate tethered rides for community children in July 2007.

Contact: Janet Pedersen Penn Valley Community Church 530-432-1161

October 28, 2006
Firefly 3.9 basket in good condition. Only need wicker and hoses, have tanks and burner.

Call Raul at (970) 872-3740 evenings or (970) 270-1437 cell or e-mail rcoliva@iglide.net

October 28, 2006
I'm looking for a used Balloon Envelope that will fit a Firefly basket. I'm a new student looking for an Envelope 90-105. It must have current annual, paperwork, and some life left as well. Please supply description, photos & price.
 Thank You!

or call Patrick at 863-420-3023 (call anytime and leave a message)

October 28, 2006
I am looking for the following issues of early Aerostats and would also be interested in issues of the Aerostat newsletter 1970 and prior.

Aerostat 1973 # 5

Aerostat 1973 # 6

Aerostat 1976 # 3

I would also like to purchase from anyone interested in selling.. The last issue of Ballooning UK formerly known as (Balloons & Airships) magazine including older binders to store Balloons & Airships.  T Including BFA Ballooning Journals from 1968 thru 1974 and the first few years of Pilot News including the BFA Binders for both. Buoyant Flight and anything with Irish lighter than air items or from past Irish Hot Air Balloon Championships

Aer Blarney Balloons, LLC PO Box 1528 Litchfield, CT 06759-1528




September 23, 2006
Cameron Single Shadow ( or Ultra in usa )
The single that thinks its a double in stainless 4 post frame, rego fittings must be in good condition with current paperwork wanted by private pilot in Australia

Ronald Kent


tel = 0417 599 228

September 23, 2006
Looking for a burner frame that will fit a single Cameron MK IV

contact Shanon at sdonnell@indiana.edu

September 7, 2006
Adams Memorabilia !

I am a huge Adams Balloon Loft fan, as well as student pilot of an Adams balloon, and I am looking for any old pins (especially those), photos, or anything to do with the Adams balloons! 

Contact Mike DePew (603)-674-7847

September 5, 2006
I am looking for a set of T&C C-3 Magnum doubles.



August 29, 2006

Wanted: Complete Adams Poptop system.  I am looking for the entire system as I am building my piloting career from the ground up.  After crewing for 26 years, it’s time for me to finally start flying on my own.  I am willing to buy items separately if needed.  I am also willing to pick up or have items shipped from anywhere in the U.S.  I am on a budget but we can talk.  Please contact me if you have what I am looking for or knows someone who does. Thanks a lot for you help and safe flying.

Peter Moughan

Colorado Springs, CO


August 24, 2006
Looking for a TBW 8B dead envelope with logbooks.

David Robinson

717-767-7744 wndjamr@aol.com

August 24, 2006
Wanted!  Aerostar Aeroflex basket. 

Contact Matt at (712) 366-6781 mwfenster@aol.com

August 16, 2006
WANTED: Good clean (Older is fine) T&C, Ultramagic,
Lindstrand or Cameron Bottom Ends, or system(s) Tanks, burners, baskets or parts, also welcome. Will pay cash today for the right systems. Please send us digital photos of your equipment, and last annual and hour info (If no log book)

Please call J&B at Private Balloon Flights.


or E-mail us at 2balloons@flash.net

August 8, 2006
I am looking for a framed tile from the 2005 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. If you have an extra and would like to sell it at a reasonable price, please contact me.

Ron Sanchez

August 8, 2006


Used Hot Air Balloon

Dead or Porous EnvelopeAX-9  FireFly, For Possible Recoating


Used FF 5.0 or 5.9 Basket


Dave Williams (845)386-1402



July 26, 2006


Down Cover for a Cameron 42x52 basket.


Larry Coan
Livonia, MI
(734) 261-1813

July 19, 2006

Wanted: Used Tommy Lift or Eagle Lift gate in working condition that fits, or can be adapted to a 2001 Chevy Silverado 4x4. 

Contact Jon at BalloonPilot@mchsi.com

July 18, 2006
Looking for a T3 burner in reasonable condition.  No Hoses required

Contact: Adam Barrow -  robnadam@optusnet.com.au

July 16, 2006
WANTED:  Cameron Mark IV single burner,

with hoses and frame and must be in annual, and need no work done to it.  I am NOT interested in an Ultra Single.

 Thank you, Andy M Waner andym58@hotmail.com

July 13, 2006
Looking for any size cameron tank. 

Please email at: holmescountyballoonrides@yahoo.com 

July 2, 2006
  I am looking for a Cameron Mk 4Super double,Rego fittings, liquid pilot
lights, Burner. And the ( Wire and sensor ) for Ball 655.

    Kind regards
    Kel Lewis   from Australia


June 24, 2006
I have customer who is looking for a TS Temp Gauge (the one in the skirt) for a Balloon Works Balloon.

Please contact me privately if you have one for sale

 Michael Scott
Flying High Balloon Services, LLC
FAA Certified Repair Station # F65R972Y

June 24, 2006
I am looking for a 60" X 72" partioned basket for a 140 galaxy envelope.

Don Warner 540-975-0192


May 12, 2006
Aerostar 15 galloon vertical fuel tank & straps.

Contact av8tor17b@yahoo.com with information.

May 1, 2006
I am looking for past issues of Skylines, Ballooning, Aerostat, Balloons & Airships, Ballooning UK and any other ballooning publication out there. As well as any other historical items.

Please contact me, Tom Murphy,  at thomas.f.murphy@uconn.edu

if you have anything that you are looking to clean out of your garages.


March 8, 2006
Wanted:  Used balloon system, Aerostar, Cameron or Lindstrand preferrably,
with under 150 hours.  Prefer 1999 or newer.  Would like to get a full
turnkey system with enclosed trailer and fan if possible, but not necessary.
Please contact:

Chris Liberti at cliberti417@hotmail.com.

January 29, 2006
Looking for two (2) Aerostar Aurora baskets.  Complete undercarriage or just wicker & uprights ok.  Regular or stretch doesn't matter. 

Contact: Jim Regan 

(860) 209-0351 or info@ctballooning.com